Breaking the LOAR? SPUC Olympic torchbearer campaign comes to Brighton

Around 500 residents near BPAS’ Wistons clinic in Dyke Road, Brighton, have had an offensive anti-choice leaflet put through their doors, begging them to be a ‘torchbearer for the unborn’.


These long-suffering locals, who are visually assaulted by Abort 67’s graphic banners of aborted foetuses displayed twice a week outside the clinic, are now being told that ‘every new life is more precious than gold’.

This double-sided colour flyer, which is tasteless in both design and subject matter, could violate laws designed to protect the Olympic brand from false or gratuitous association with the Games. 

Brighton Pro Choice has contacted LOCOG, the organisers of the Games to find out whether the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children have obtained permission for both the leaflet and the campaign, which associates the 70 day Olympic torch relay with the number of pregnancies terminated in the same period. They have also raised the issue with the local MP Caroline Lucas, who has been working with local residents and the police to end ‘harassment and intimidation of women’ near Wistons.

One outraged resident approached us with a copy of the offending leaflet, adding that she had put the rest in the bin.

The Argus have also covered the story.

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One thought on “Breaking the LOAR? SPUC Olympic torchbearer campaign comes to Brighton

  1. This leaflet is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen

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