Carnival For Choice

This Sunday 15th April we’re holding a Pro-Choice rally and march in Worthing!


We have called for a Carnival For Choice on this day as we are extremely alarmed at the continuation of US-styled anti-choice protests that have been happening outside abortion clinics in the UK.

One of the targets, both of last months ’40 days for life’ campaign, and of a sustained bi-weekly protest is a BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service) Clinic in Brighton.

The group organising these protests outside the clinic is the aptly named ‘Abort67’ -a group that wants to make abortion illegal, regardless of circumstance. Abort67 are from Worthing, and are supported and facilitated by the Jubilee Church. Abort67 use extreme graphic images of aborted foetuses on large boards and banners, film on cameras, and have been known to call women murderers and physically encircle them.

We say NO MORE!

No more harassment and intimidation of people accessing a legal medical service!

Make your pro-choice voice heard and join us on Sunday 15th of April for a lively & fun pro-choice carnival!

You can meet us at…

Brighton Station at 8:30 am

Worthing Station at 9.15 am

Worthing High School between 9.30 & 10 am

The day will start at Worthing High School, where they congregate on a Sunday, and where we’ll give the church elders our petition. We will then parade joyfully into the town centre where we’ll let the people of Worthing know what Abort67 are getting up to in Brighton.

Bring placards, instruments, your friends and a smile!

Everyone’s welcome!

See you there!

Brighton Pro Choice ♥


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