Halfway through ’40 Days for Choice’

We are now halfway through lent and the ’40 Days for Choice’ campaign. As we announced before, we have almost a 1000 signtures for our petition Withdraw all support of Abort67 and we have recently sent a press-release with news from Brighton to local and international media.

Over the last few days media attention to the anti-abortion protests have escalated as a person tried to hack the BPAS website and ’40 Days for Life’ fundamentalists in London have been caught filming people going in to their local clinic, which is a sick intimidatory tactic. Support our sister-campaign Bloomsbury Pro-Choice Alliance.

Read what the Guardian is writing:

“Anti-abortion activism escalating, warns clinic targeted by vigil” 13th March 2012.

“Anti-abortion campaigners like 40 Days for Life have resorted to intimidation” 13th March 2012

Brighton Feminist Collective have also written a very good piece on why they are doing the “40 Days for Treats” campaign, supporting BPAS staff and service users.

Lastly, read Education for Choice’s latest blog article where they have transcripts of Christian-driven counselling service’s advice to pregnant women who consider an abortion, ‘40 Days of Lies’


One thought on “Halfway through ’40 Days for Choice’

  1. shirley Jenkins says:

    I am sorry that you are mis-guided on this issue. You are very aggressive in your outlook and in your attacks on these pro-life people. They are legally expressing their opposition to the killing of unborn children, you surely can’t deny that that is what abortion is. That is the fundamental position of truth to start with and I’m so sorry if you can’t see it. Yes, a woman DOES have the right to choose in this country, because that’s what the law states, As more people see the truth and begin to protest to get this law changed, i hope and pray that you will also consider your own position on this, and that your eyes will be opened to the truth. I completely expect you to reply with hostility, because I once took the same position which you do.

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