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Halfway through ’40 Days for Choice’

We are now halfway through lent and the ’40 Days for Choice’ campaign. As we announced before, we have almost a 1000 signtures for our petition Withdraw all support of Abort67 and we have recently sent a press-release with news from Brighton to local and international media.

Over the last few days media attention to the anti-abortion protests have escalated as a person tried to hack the BPAS website and ’40 Days for Life’ fundamentalists in London have been caught filming people going in to their local clinic, which is a sick intimidatory tactic. Support our sister-campaign Bloomsbury Pro-Choice Alliance.

Read what the Guardian is writing:

“Anti-abortion activism escalating, warns clinic targeted by vigil” 13th March 2012.

“Anti-abortion campaigners like 40 Days for Life have resorted to intimidation” 13th March 2012

Brighton Feminist Collective have also written a very good piece on why they are doing the “40 Days for Treats” campaign, supporting BPAS staff and service users.

Lastly, read Education for Choice’s latest blog article where they have transcripts of Christian-driven counselling service’s advice to pregnant women who consider an abortion, ‘40 Days of Lies’


Brighton Pro-Choice Benefit

Today is halfway through lent and we can be satisfied to say that we have collected close to a 1000 signatures on our petition!

Next week we will celebrate with a fundraiser evening at Cowley Club, serving food and showing a film. The evening will start at 7pm with film from 8pm onwards.


International Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day – and all other people affected by gender-based discrimination!

Celebrate International Women’s Day with Brighton Pro Choice by pushing our online petition over 500 signatures!! This morning, we’re on 474, and we have over 200 paper signatures too. You find the online petition here.

Among the signatures are outraged residents from around the Wistons clinic, students and staff from BHASVIC, concerned citizens and a large amount of Brighton and Hove councillors.

We’ll celebrate the day by collecting more signatures in town today, raising awareness of the anti-abortion protests to the wider population.

Brighton Feminist Collective and Brighton Pro Choice wishes you all a happy 8th March.

N.B We’re looking for statements and reports by people who have experiences the intimidation tactics by Abort67, get in touch with us on





Letter to the Argus and more

A while ago a letter was written to the Argus expressing concern over the anti-choice protests outside Wistons:

“I AM writing to express my grave concern over anti-choice protests which seem to take place regularly outside the BPAS clinic in Brighton.

As a relative newcomer, I was deeply shocked to see the protest, which uses large, disturbing images of late-stage abortions to try to put women off exercising their lawful reproductive rights and choices.

While I respect the right of the individual to have their own views on this subject, I find it distasteful and intimidating to already vulnerable people to see these kinds of shock tactics used by a local religious group.

I also feel that by using these images, this group is exposing other people to traumatic and insensitive trigger images, with no regard to the impact this kind of imagery can have. It seems to somewhat lack the notion of Christian kindness and forgiveness I’ve heard so much about. Likewise, the fact it protests close to a number of educational establishments is irresponsible.

The group impinges on the safeguarding and responsible education of young people on sex and relationships. It appears to be trying to undermine rights to contraception and support during unwanted pregnancies.

[…], Preston Street, Brighton”

We’d encourage anyone to write to the Argus with their own concerns, especially people who live in the area or a regularly exposed to the protests. When people from our group collected signatures for our petition on Friday outside the clinic we had massive support from local residents and BHASVIC students who are upset and harassed by Abort67 on a daily basis now.

We also spoke to a mother who has her children at a nearby nursery where they are exposed to the images every day now – she said that she could easily rally another 50 very upset parents from that nursery. Seems that Abort67, big surprise, forever care more about foetuses than born people, young or old.

I heard no one say that they welcome the anti-abortion protests, all were positive when they realised we were pro-choice!

We have messages of support from nine local councillors and many more have signed our petition, which means that our campaign is reaching not only outwards but also upwards! Write to your local councillor and push for action.

Lastly, long article in SchNews outlining the rise of fundamentalist anti-abortion activity in the UK – Abort Mission.


40 Days of Choice!

Here in Brighton and in other places we are coming to the 9th day of the 40 Days of Choice campaign and it is receiving a lot of support and appreciation!

The 40 Days of Treat people are keeping it up and are getting love from the BPAS staff, on Twitter and in reality!

We’re handing out flyers and collecting signatures for our Withdraw all support of Abort67 petition near the Wistons clinic a few days a week now, which has been greatly welcomed by passers by and especially staff and students at nearby BHASVIC college, who have to walk by the blown up gore-pictures everyday now.

The police is asking everyone who is upset and disturbed by the Abort67 graphic gore-pictures (even bigger now) to phone in on their non-emergency number 101 and report it. They do ask them to be taken away regularly, which makes the street safe and user-friendly for another afternoon.

Check out what is happening elsewhere for the 40 Days of Choice and come to our meetings to get involved. We need to remind ourselves, and others, that we are the Pro-Choice majority!